About Us

— Our Mission —

To provide high quality tuitions at an affordable cost to Indian School Students in Singapore.

Who We Are

We are Indian parents based in Singapore. Like you, our kids're studying in one of the Indian International School. We always felt there’s something missing in his school education. They needed a good teacher and mentor who can help, guide and motivate him to do better, but unfortunately we couldn't find any good and affordable option. Then we realised it's not just our kids missing access to good professional teachers but its whole of our Indian community.
That's how the idea of LurningHub was born. We officially started classes from May 2019 and helping students since then.

Our Philosophy

Every student has a different approach to education, may it be academically or for some other activities. Therefore, change is a necessary part of this process to build a child’s personality. LurningHub is all about understanding the unique quality of a student’s mind to access it in that particular way that eases the students and tends to avoid creating pressure by helping them feel comfortable. LurningHub has framed quite an interesting module that will positively affect the students in their academic fields. Our model of Online tutoring has been first time introduced in Singapore for Indian International School students and is taking a good turn as the number is rising gradually to it. Innovation these days has become an important feature in every field.
LurningHub is a new avatar for students which believes in making studies convenient and is an advanced road to understanding and developing their minds. Creativity is a pathway to better learning; hence we provide audios and visuals to make studies more interesting and consistent. Time flexibility is another merit wherein as per your convenience you can book your time slots to study. As per requests, one can also get a personal tutor as every child has a different pace of learning and grasping. As a part of our vision, our main focus lies in the academic growth of the students and moreover to make studies fun for them during the process.

Reach Us

LurningHub Education Pte Ltd.
14 Robinson Road, #08-01A Far East Finance Building,
Singapore (048545)
Call/Whatsapp : +65 9769 5031
Email : contact@lurninghub.com