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LurningHub provide classes for all the Indian International Schools including NPS, Global Indian International School (GIIS), Delhi Public School (DPS), Yuva Bharathi International School, as well as Singapore local (MOE) schools.
LurningHub tuition classes are for all board and curriculum offered by Indian International Schools in Singapore. CBSE is the most common curriculum offered by Indian Schools. LurningHub provide tuitions for CBSE students in Singapore from all Indian Schools. After CBSE, IB & IGCSE are other curriculum offered of Indian Schools in Singapore, where Singapore local schools follow the MOE syllabus.
LurningHub classes are available for IB & IGCSE as well. Our teachers are well versed in all the curriculum and the syllabus.
Yes absolutely. One of the major concerns parents have, is lack of availability of professional and qualified tutors for Indian curriculum. All the LurningHub teachers are Masters Degree holders and full time professional teachers with years of teaching experience not only classroom but also online teaching experience.
LurningHub do not engage unqualified or inexperienced teachers.
There is a lot of concern and confusion around online classes if they are effective? Does the student understand what's being taught? How the tutor would know if a student is attentive in the class? and so on. But the fact is all these issues have already been addressed with the help of technology. Many believe online classes as Skype/Zoom classes but LurningHub is much more than that. LurningHub uses one of the best Learning Management Systems (LMS) having all the advanced technology and tools needed for efficient and effective learning, like live classes, whiteboard, public and private chat support, assessments and progress tracking are few to name.
Unlike classroom tuition where there’re so many distractions from other students and environments that are beyond the control of students, parents and teachers. LurningHub provides non-distracted and focussed learning experience in the environment parents can control.
Yes, LurningHub based in Singapore. Well, at first you might wonder how should it matter? But the fact is, it does. Even though most of the Indian International Schools follow the same syllabus but as you might have noticed books are not really the same. Books followed and the depth each topic is covered in a subject is significantly different from what is taught in India. One can’t deny in Singapore kids are more exposed to technologies, hands-on Science and English compared to India. Being Singapore based company we understand these differences and share the latest syllabus & topics to our teachers so that they can teach Singapore students more effectively.
Off course, we use professional LMS that uses your email and password to login the platform, and every session has a unique link, which is accessed only through the account.
Rest assured LurningHub will never share any of your details to any third-party.
Sorry, not yet. The reason is, our students are all over Singapore, not just at location where we have India Schools like Punggol where we have GIIS, Serangoon or Jurong area where we have DPS and YBIS. So it's hard to choose a physical location that helps many of our students.
Another big reason is, it’s hard to find professional teachers for the Indian curriculum in Singapore. So we engage highly qualified and experienced teachers from India for the Indian school curriculum to keep our services cost-effective.
Not yet doesn’t mean never though. Send your request for physical class with location, we’re collecting requests for physical class locations and may start the physical class when we have a good number of students for one location. But until that happen please continue for our online classes and help us with your feedback if you're not satisfied.
Yes but the fee is a little higher. LurningHub classes are group classes with no more than 4-5 students and are equally as effective as one to one class. Each student gets complete attention they deserve and with public and private chat window they can ask question anytime.
Yes, we do. We have a very generous referral programs whereas you may earn $10 discount for your monthly class free for up to 6 months for each of your referral.
Please refer to our Referral Program for more details and terms & conditions.
Definetely not! LurningHub provides 1 week trial class absolutely free. After starting the formal class, student may choose to cancel anytime. LurningHub has quick and no questions asked policy when it comes to stopping the classes. If you wish to stop the classes at any point in time, just let us know at least 3 days in advance before the next class. LurningHub will deduct charges for the classes taken in that month, on a pro-rata basis, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you within 1 week.