Challenges for Indian Parents in Singapore

Challenges faced by Indian Parents for Education in Singapore

The Indian schools in Singapore are a bit steep in terms of cost even though worthy to attend. They can empty a part of your pockets that can be a trouble for you.

New education policy- LurningHub

New Education Policy- We’re Ready, Are You?

This blog explains the new education policy and how we at LurningHub are trying to implement it for the betterment of the students!

Advantages of Technology based Learning

Merits of Technology Based Learning

This blog explains the how technology is changing the education and LurningHub leveraging it to provide quality online education."

Social Learning- LurningHub

How Social Learning Can Change The Face Of Education

Social Learning can be the next big thing in the Indian education system, waiting to just gain wider acceptance from all of us. India has come a long way when it comes to internet penetration. Students are increasingly taking the help of online videos and other resources and materials for studying.