Guide for Indian Parents to Choose Schools in Singapore


If you are new to Singapore, welcome to Singapore. If you have been here for a while you might have some idea about schools in Singapore. In Indian parent’s context, Singapore schools may be categorized in 3 groups:

  • Singapore Local (MOE) Schools

  • These are Singapore government-funded schools and follow the curriculum developed by the Ministry Of Education(MOE), which is different from any other curriculum. Singapore's education is regarded as one of the best education systems in the world. Singapore Government, which spends around 13% of its budget on Education, which is the second-highest expenditure after Defence (~15%). As well funded by the Government of Singapore, these schools are well maintained, have world class infrastructure, highly qualified and trained teachers and very well equipped with all modern computer labs and other amenities.
    One of the important aspects of the local school is that they allow Indian students to choose Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. But these schools have fixed numbers of vacancies and priority is given to Singapore citizens first, then to Singapore Permanent Residents and if after these allocations any vacancy is available then only its offered to foreign students. So only a few manage to get into local schools. Also, foreigner residents can apply for local schools only in Primary 1 as per the current policy. If your child is not able to get the vacancy in Primary 1 then he can apply for local school only through Admission Exercise of International Student (AEIS) exercise, which is a competitive entrance exam held every year around September (application starts around June/July.) another in February. AEIS is a very competitive exam where students from other countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. compete for limited vacancies in local schools.

  • Indian International Schools

  • These are private schools and offer Indian curriculums like CBSE and ICSE apart from other international curriculums like IB and IGCSE. These schools also provide quality education and very popular among Indian parents as they provide an opportunity for many students to study the same curriculum they might be studying in India if parents are moved to Singapore recently. Many parents who do not plan to stay in Singapore also prefer these schools as their child can continue the same curriculum in India.
    There a few Indian schools in Singapore located in a different part of the city and as most of us use public transport, location is one of the important factors for choosing Indian International School. If you choose school other parts of Singapore, even though most of the International schools provide island-wide transport, your child may end up spending hours travelling every day. So either you choose a place to stay in the area there are Indian Schools or somewhere close.
    As all the Indian International Schools offer almost the same curriculum. What differs is the infrastructure they have, their location and the fee. Schools with newer campuses and better infrastructure command a higher fee compared to other ones. The best way to choose an Indian International School is to visit each of them at least once and ask any questions you might have and weight against the fee they charge. One of the downsides of these schools is they're expensive, or we should say very expensive if compared to fee and amenities in local schools. The foreigner student fee for primary school is around $800/mo whereas Indian International school fee may range $1500/mo. Though this is true for other International schools, in fact, they're even more expensive.

    There are 4 Indian International Schools in Singapore in alphabetical order:

  • Delhi Public School (DPS)

  • DPS is located in Serangoon area, nearest MRT Kovan. Its on the purple MRT line. Parents may choose ICSE/ISC and IGCSE curriculums in DPS.

  • Global Indian International School (GIIS)

  • GIIS has two campuses in Singapore. One at ECP and other bigger one is at Punggol. GIIS offers CBSE, IGCSE and IB curriculums to the students. Their Punggol campus is quite new and they call it SMART campus. This is a high tech, connected and tech-savvy campus, using latest technologies like virtual classroom etc. GIIS is the biggest campus and most popular schools among Indian International schools.

  • NPS International School

  • Located in Bedok area, NPS offer CBSE, IGCSE and IB curriculum. Its considered one of the best Indian International Schools in Singapore. In terms of fee its the highest among all Indian International schools.

  • Yuva Bharathi International School (YBIS)

  • Located in Jurong area, YBIS offers CBSE curriculum. YBIS has most reasonable fee among all Indian International Schools. Education is good but infrastructure is not that great.

  • Other International Schools

  • Singapore is home of many International Schools. We won't get much into details for these International Schools as most of our community have schools in Indian International schools.
    Here're some of most popular International Schools :

    • One World School
    • Canadian International School
    • Australian International School
    • German International School

Singapore offers a wide range of options for education to the residence. Difference parents have different expectations with school, so it's up to you decide which school would serve your need better in terms of quality of education, fee, culture and other aspects.
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