Key tactics on how to improve your child’s listening skills!


It is known that listening is an essential criterion when it comes to learning. If one will listen well, they will know how to communicate even better. Listening not only improves your learning ability but also helps you focus well and keeps you patient. These traits hold a major advantage in one's life. Listening skills helps in nourishing your leadership, problem solving and teamwork. This skill needs time to develop and once it is done there are a number of benefits waiting for you ahead. If you are an active listener, this will help you understand the concept better and the execution will turn out to be a success. 

Here are a few pointers that need to be inculcated if you need to enhance your child's listening skills:

  1. Read to them
  2. Everyone loves listening to stories, and here if a parent is reciting a story to their children they should make a habit to ask them what is going to happen next. The more you make them predict, the more attentive they will be towards a story. Curiosity is the best weapon to get someone to listen to you.

  3. Play Chinese whisper or telephone game
  4. This can be named either of them, wherein a group of people are sitting in a circle and one starts the message and the same message is whispered around the entire circle until it reaches to the same who started. After that everyone is asked to say the message out loud. This activity will give you an experience of how a single message has so many interpretations. This will also help your child improve their listening skills. 

  5. Converse with your child as much as possible
  6. Speaking and listening usually move hand-in-hand. Regularly having a conversation with your child will help him/her to open up. This will help them to build up their listening as well as speaking skills. As they will speak up their points and thoughts to you, that will build an interest in them to listen to what you have to say. Therefore they will be set on the correct path to becoming a good listener.

  7. Go creative with the blindfold game
  8. Play a game with your child where he has to be blindfolded and draw according to the instructions you give him verbally. This will improve his/her concentration, focus, patience which will make him/her a great listener. 


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